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Win The Game Of Life &
Be With Your Twin Flame

This way -

Life is a game you play.
You never ever lose until you give up.

Jeff and Shaleia

"It would be great if there was something out there called Game of Life."


I woke up with this thought, fascinated and irritated, for the "Game of Life" already existed as a board game and I used to love to play it. But the thought wouldn't let me go and I was determined to find out what the Game of Life was for me.

At that time I had met a man to whom I felt a strong attraction, but who kept running away from our connection. Voices were getting louder,

"Maybe you are Twin Flames."

Twin Flames. The One True Love. Even as a girl, I loved fairy tales like "The Little Mermaid" and "Beauty and the Beast." Deep in my heart I felt that the One existed for me too. Fascinated, I read up on the subject. I learned that one Twin Flame is the "runner" and the other is the "chaser." The way to come together with your Twin Flame: Let go of them. Avoid contact. Then they will come back to you. I tried it. It felt terrible. And it didn't work either.

Confused, I browsed YouTube and saw videos of a student of Jeff and Shaleia, which gave me a new perspective: Your Twin Flame is your perfect Divine mirror. They reflect your relationship with yourself and with God. The way to come together with your Twin Flame: The Mirror Exercise taught by Jeff and Shaleia. Again, I tried it. It felt very good. And it worked! After only a few Mirror Exercises, my Twin Flame asked me out. Still, our relationship remained challenging. Somewhat skeptical, I booked an Ascension Coaching Session every now and then. I was fascinated by it and felt the desire to coach as well.

Above that, I also liked to go to work less and less. So I joined Jeff and Shaleia's loving Facebook group "Twin Flames Universe: Open Forum." I also committed to regular Ascension Coaching sessions and invested in a Lifetime Membership for "Life Purpose Class" to live my purpose more and more. In the second class, I heard Jeff saying:

"Life is a game you play. You never ever lose until you give up."

And that was it! That was my sign! I was on the right track all along. In that moment, I claimed Jeff and Shaleia as my spiritual teachers and knew in my heart what the Game of Life was for me. My Life Purpose. To help others build a life of love and joy in an easy, playful way.

Life is colorful.
It is full of surprises.

Hi, I'm Ann-Katrin and I'm a Certified Ascension Coach with

Twin Flames Universe. I'm also a primary school teacher. If you desire to be with your One True Love, your Twin Flame, or want a happy life for your children, it is my greatest joy and honor to support you and your family on your journey.


Start here:

Sign up for the free Twin Flame Ascension Introductory Course and receive a coupon that will give you 50% off your first Session ($30). Then email me with the coupon code and receive a link to schedule your Introductory Session with me.

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Jeff & Shaleia


Jeff and Shaleia, our Twin Flame Spiritual Masters, are like spiritual parents to me, showing me the way and helping me to grow up. Through their being and role modeling, I have been able to heal and continue to heal many father wounds and family issues. I love them and I am so grateful to be around them.

My life has changed thanks to their beautiful Teachings of Union.


Contact Me

Are you new to the Twin Flame journey? Would you like to learn more about how you come into Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame? Feel free to contact me.

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